Fort Worth Breastfeeding Support Group - Medical City Alliance

This support group’s goal to help mothers and babies learn from other moms about their own successes and challenges with breastfeeding. The support group will be led by a board certified lactation consultant or breastfeeding educator. Pregnant mothers are also encouraged to attend! This allows them to see breastfeeding first hand, and have their questions or concerns about breastfeeding answered.

This is meant not for mothers with severe breastfeeding problems, or to take the place of an Outpatient visit. Please call the number listed below to speak with a lactation consultant, or for a referral to a location that does individual consults.

This class is scheduled every Monday from 9:30-10:30am. You don’t have to register to attend, but feel free to contact the Family Education office at (817) 639-1271 or email at to get email reminders and updates. The cost is free, and will meet in the main hospital building, in the first floor classroom.

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